Colour: Natural pink appearance
Appearance / Form: Delicate salt flake crystals
Taste & Nose: Uniquely soft tasting and odourless
Grade / Size: Crystal size range from 0.5 to 5mm

Technical Data - typical analysis

Chloride Cl 60.3 %
Sodium Na 39.1 %
Magnesium Mg 860 ppm
Sulphate SO4 3440 ppm
Calcium Ca 515 ppm
Potassium K 128 ppm
Iron Fe 23 ppm
Iodine I 5 ppm

Analysis is on a dry weight basis. Typical free moisture is 0.5 / 100g. Various elements and bound moisture account for the remaining 0.0925%.

Packaging and Identification

Product packaging is 50g, 150g re-sealable pouches, 250g blue boxes and 400g catering bags.

Halal Certification

Halal Certificate No. 25016/1

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